Residenz-Rückblick: Oktober 2021
Saloon Salon

The exhibition opening is drawing closer and while the crew is so focused on building up the set, Matte Painter, Dolly Grip and the Head of the Plastering Department are planning a conspiracy to overtake the set and move themselves as marginalized workers from behind the scenes into the spotlight.This action is planned as the ultimate act of art.

For the second Edition, Saloon Salon meets in a film set to explore its borders and possibilities by exploring the first attempts of special effects in movies. The Saloon Salon members get into the roles of set workers. But the main protagonist of the Scene is a Miniature of the space. It is a stage where an exhibition opening is taking place. By following its destiny and its transformations, the Model is becoming a platform with many functions, like hosting the contributions of special guests and making the impossible possible.

Saloon Salon is an artistic collaborative project investigating the field of open ended participatory sculpture. The first Salon Saloon was organized at frappant gallery in 2019. Initiated by Sarah Drath, Mona Hermann, Saskia Senge, Gesa Troch and Nina Zeljković.

Prologue: Saturday, 23th October 16:00
Resolution: Saturday, 30th October 16:00

For both events the 3G rule applies. Please bring proof and your mask.

Mona Hermann
01623 794734