Residenz-Rückblick: COLETIVA PROFANAS
Ritu.2/ TwotransinTwoTrees


From November to December, the Fleetstreet Theater will host the brazilian collective Coletiva Profanas (based in São Paulo) consisting of the 1st travesti master and doctor in theater (USP) in Brazil, Morgana Olívia Manfrim, and the painter, visual director and trans man Max Ruan.

Coletiva Profanas is in Europe for the first time with two solo shows from its repertoire (FRUITS&TRANS-gression: Stories for Tangerines and Sea Horse and Ritu.1/Penetra!) and a new show, which will be created during our residence, and will continue to tour festivals and other cities in Germany and the European Union. Coletiva Profanas, a Brazilian transvestite art, education, and health collective, arrives at the Fleetstreet Residency Program carrying out the residency: Two trans in two trees. They will feature an intense program open to the public with sessions from their repertoire and the debut of the new Coletiva Profanas duo.Meet the two young Brazilian artists of Coletiva Profanas who have built up a reputation in the contemporary theater scene in Europe:

Morgana Olívia Manfrin is a master’s and doctoral student in Theather and Performing Arts at USP (University of São Paulo) in the area of Theory and Practice of Theater and research in Trans-i-[action]: phases of the externalizing process of gender performativity of a Brazilian body in the technology of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Graduated in Performing Arts and Theater Interpretation from UnB (University of Brasília) and Theater Direction from UFBA (University of Salvador - BA) under the guidance of Theater and Gender scholar Prof. Dr. Ferdinando Martins, teacher at USP. Morgana is a playwright, director, and actress as well as the producer of all her own shows and plays.

Max Ruan Peruzzo painter, plastic artist, assistant director, and makeup artist, graduating in visual arts at UFES (Federal University of Espirito Santo). Independent cultural producer of the Soiree Itinerante Queerevolução from 2015 to 2016 in Vitória, Espírito Santo. He exhibited his paintings ''Entre Corpos'' in Espirito Santo in 2016, at Galeria DaDa, in 2017 at the TransArte International Festival in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the artistic occupation Brigadas Populares in the Center of Vitória in 2018 and at Fenda Parallel in the city of São Paulo in 2019.


Past shows at Fleetstreet Theater

17. & 18. November 2023 
FRUITS&TRANSgression: Stories for Tangerines and Sea Horse (66 minutes)

The first show FRUITS&TRANSgression: Stories for Tangerines and Sea Horse is set in a lonely talk show environment, where Tangerine shares her experience of understanding her own trans identity. Between humor and tension, the performance becomes an experimental space where performers and audience, sounds, lights, and fruits mix. The work debuted in 2018 in São Paulo, and has already had more than 100 sessions throughout Brazil.

Creation, direction, and performance - Morgana Olívia Manfrim
Makeup; set design and sound operation - Max Ruan
Track Composition - Káshi Mello and Ícaro Kaí
Violinist - Kinda Assis
Realization - CASA8
Executive Production - Coletiva Profanas e Morgana Olívia Manfrim de Oliveira

26. November 2023

What does a body have the right to publicly accomplish with itself? This itinerant performative show investigates the relationship between public participation and the city's public architecture. With creation, direction, and performance by Morgana Olívia Manfrim, the durational work with 180 minutes flows in an expanded form, and with free circulation of the public, who receives wireless headphones and without realizing it, starts this ritual and performative program alongside the artist. This show is part of a series of ritual works that the transvestite artist freely produces, inspired by the performance series “Rythm” by Marina Abramovic. This creation took place at the International Artistic Residency in Rio de Janeiro with Cunsts Collective from Denmark. Here, for about 180 minutes, he explores the friction and borders between life, art, and the body, and what we can watch, safely, are the splashes of obscene screams. There is no eroticism. There are no naked bodies. There is no action. There is indeed a tragic-performative narrative of trans-i-(action). An urban itinerancy that researches the physical limits between Art, Life and Body, in the chemical-hormonal transition, with the Collective Profanas, This durational diary is a manifesto for the right to do with our bodies whatever we want and without fear of the actions of others.

Creation, direction and performance - Morgana Olívia Manfrim
Makeup; set design and sound operation - Max Ruan
Singer: Amarilis Vitale
Realization - CASA8
Executive Production - Coletiva Profanas e Morgana Olívia Manfrim de Oliveira