Residenz-Rückblick: März 2018
Mara Oscar Cassiani
Mara Oscar Cassiani is an italian artist working in the realms of performance, choreography and new media. Considered one of the most interesting italan digital artist, her research is focused on creating a contemporary iconography, where new rituals and languages stem from the Internet, brutal capitalism and society of Desires. The relationship with her audience at large is explored via those visual imageries, soliciting its awareness of the discontinuity between media streaming and the users ’consciousness. Recent works: Spirit, Santarcangelo Festival 2017, Ed3n Temple (2016, Quadriennale di Roma,Centrale Fies,Dro), The Sky was Pink (2016, Santarcangelo Festival internazionale dei teatri), Fear Not The Dark, collab. with Markus Ohrn
(2016, Kunstenfestivaldearts, Brussels), Justice (2015), You can (not) Advance (2015), MMXIV Iconography (2014), Trashx$$$ (2012). In 2016 she was one of the italian artists chosen for the 16th edition of Quadriennale d'Arte in Rome.