Residenz-Rückblick: April/ Mai 2012


Fad furnishing

Fad furnishing was a project in which we created a living room in the space of Fleetstreet Theatre. The goal was to disrupt the usual audience – performer relationship, which characterizes a distinct separation. Our motivation was to personalize the space by means of various actions, such as: putting up a wallpaper, laying down carpet, building furniture, designing the lightning, hanging paintings and photographs, just to mention a few. Eventually we almost moved in to the theatre, spent there days, sometimes nights, screened movies and had guests. But the living room was awkward, as were some of the situations that took place in it. The line separating the audience from the performers was, without doubt, blurred, but the feeling of fakeness was hard to escape. On entering visitors seemed confused and usually asked: "What is this?" However when the initial awkwardness faded away, it almost seemed like a normal living room with a normal couch, where we could sit down and have a conversation.


Ein temporäres Wohnzimmer im Theater