Residenz-Rückblick: Februar 2024
"aftermath" - by Edyta Jarzab, Martha Szymkowiak, Lukas Ishar, Josefine Simonsen and Alina Sobotta

"aftermath" - a performative Installation by Edyta Jarzab, Martha Szymkowiak, Lukas Ishar, Josefine Simonsen and Alina Sobotta. We are an international group collaborating across artistic disciplines. In "aftermath", a process which started in February 2022 we examine the dichotomy of reason and emotion through a modular performative installation centering on the motif of post-catastrophic aftermath. Air travel and a plane-crash are both framework and point of departure for a guided journey with ambiguous destinations: death and the question of what lies beyond what we can rationally grasp. Our aim is to explore the potential that lies beyond the safety of ubiquitous narratives and temporalities, of what lurks in the darkness. We approach the motif of catastrophe/aftermath through a cross-over of research and artistic expression, which we aimed to shape and carve out further during a residency at Fleetstreet Theatre. We transformed Fleetstreet into a hybrid rehearsal studio in which we created an immersive art-experience and open a space for discussion on our life in the permanent aftermath. We would like to thank the team of Fleetstreet Theater dearly for having us! Also, we would like to thank the Käthe Hamburger Kolleg on Apocalyptic and Post-apokalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at the University of Heidelberg for their cooperation and support: many thanks go out to Philipp Schroegel, and our Zoom-interview-partners Prof. Dr. Alexander-Kenneth Nagel (University of Göttingen), Gerriet Schwen (University of Hannover) and Prof. Katie Barclay (University of Adelaide).